Future e sustainability
Leveraging on the potential of Flopal’s Management Plan already determined at least until 2030, Âmbar will maintain its activity through conducted forest from Elliottii Pine with genetic improvement which will enable a high quality gum production. This way, the company intends to provide gum rosin and turpentine from this differentiated oleoresin. The assurance of business continuity strengthens the company and its relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, society and shareholders. This concern with the future makes the company engaged in the continuous improvement of processes, expecting to strengthen their skills through those processes.
Citizenship Promotion
The focus on people’s development is spread through all of company’s acts. It is part of Âmbar’s culture to value and respect the human being so that he can thrive in other spheres of his life. Sense of justice and humanistic vision are determining values to solidity and permanence in the business, as well as its competitiveness.