Oleoresin (crude gum)

The oleoresin is a natural product extracted from Pinus Elliottii which is considered to be an auto defense mechanism from the tree, in the sense of healing process to avoid plagues and insects attacks. The production is made by fortnightly grooving which enables the harvest in plastic bags. This oleoresin has a commercial and industrial end, where its derivatives find several applications on chemical industry.

Gum rosin (colophony)

One of the products obtained from the distillation of crude gum, gum rosin has an adhesive property that allows it, after chemically modified, to be used in different markets. Among the main consumer markets of colophony derivatives are adhesives, print inks, varnishes, paper glue, chewing gum, waxes, coatings, soaps and detergents. Basically composed of abietic and pimaric-type acids. Offered in its solid state and stored and transported in barrels (drums) of 250 kg.


Liquid obtained from the distillation of crude gum that has characteristic odor of pines and, usually, colorless. Largely used in the solvent industry, besides being part of the composition of disinfectants (pine oil), camphor, perfumes, etc. Mainly composed of alpha-pinene and beta-pinene.